June 1–7, 2024 Gun Storage Check Week

Gun Storage Check Week Sept. 1–7, 2024

Promotional Toolkit

Help NSSF remind gun owners to review their secure storage practices to ensure they are doing their part to prevent unwanted access to their firearms.

These promotional tools provide logo and graphic files along with copy samples to encourage everyone to “Make Sure It’s Secure.”

Social Media Promotion

Download the social media graphics below, and post to your own social media feeds regularly leading up to the official week to promote the reminder for safe gun storage.

Dates: June 1–7
Dates: September 1–7
Supporting Copy
Use the wording below on your website and in your promotional and communication materials to help describe Gun Storage Check Week.
It’s Gun Storage Check Week—a reminder to help prevent unwanted access to your firearms. No one wants their unsecured gun to be used in an accident, a suicide or a crime. Make sure it’s secure. #gunstoragecheckweek

Digital Ads

Download any of these graphics and use across digital platforms including email, social media and your website.

Dates: June 1–7
Dates: September 1–7


Download the PDF flyer to post in your store or on messaging boards to promote the correct ways to store a firearm.


Download and print this poster to display in your business promoting Gun Storage Check Week.

Public Service Announcement

Use this public service announcement to promote Gun Storage Check Week in your community.

Press Release Template

Additional Materials Available for Download